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Rides will be automatically cancelled if the forecast maximum temperature is 38 degrees or greater. If members choose to ride then they will not be covered by the club’s liability insurance policy.

Please note that the ride leader has the discretion to alter the route and distance of a ride.

Full Ride Programme 2016

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Latest News

Eulogy for Past President

Most of you already know that Raymond McDonald passed away last month. Ray’s active involvement in the Perth Over 55 Cycling Club Inc. began prior …

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Charity Rides with Lifecycle

Lifecycle is a volunteer group that has been organising bike rides since 1998 to raise funds for CanTeen “Youth Living with Cancer”. They are currently …

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For Sale


FOR SALE One Wind Vest, size L, at $75 (down from $98) for private sale. Phone 9417 2999 for a fitting.  

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Club Survey Results


Results of Survey of O55 Cycling Club Members Thank you to all who participated in the recent Club survey. Seventy three members completed the survey. …

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Switch of Venue from Burswood to Raphael Park


Starting on Monday 20nd June, all rides scheduled to start from Burswood will be switched to Raphael Park. Interference from construction activity at Burswood has …

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December 30, 2015

Closure of Donnelly Drive, 22 km West of Manjimup

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NSW Cyclists Forced To Carry Photo Identification And Face Big Fines Under New Rules

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