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35th Anniversary Cycling Busselton November 2020

Albany Cycling Camp 2014

Wildflower Tour 2004

Past Trips

O55s Bingo Night in Toodyay November 2017

O55s Flemington junket October 2017

Alan Naber – The Portuguese Camino 2015

Barge and Bike 2013

Mullers Tour de France 2013

Alan Naber – Europe 2013

Stuart and Kaye European Odyssey

David and Camilla Taylor’s Baltic tour report

Stuart Hyde Orient Tour

David and Camilla Taylor’s Elbe tour report

5 day Broke Inlet tour – a David Taylor Manjimup tour

Greg Murphys Trip to the Czech Republic

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Camps – are organised by the Club. Members organise and pay for their own accommodation, and organise their own transport. The ride programmes and activities are decided jointly by the Club and members attending. e.g. Busselton, Albany, Nannup.

Tours – are organised by the Club and can include the ride programme, transport, accommodation and meals. e.g. 30th Anniversary Tour; Wildflower Tour 2004.

Trips – are organised by members and will vary from a bike ride with an overnight stop to an overseas trip with a tour company. e.g. Barge and Bike Tours in Europe.