ArmadaleView Map67via Gosnells, Piara Waters and Jandakot SteveN
ArmadaleView Map66via Thornlie, Tonkin Hway and Ranford Rd CameronB
ArmadaleView Map55via Armadale Rd and Ranford Rd
ArmadaleView Map72via Armadale Rd and Railway
ArmadaleView Map63via Randford and Waterwheel Rd
CanningtonView Map51via Kwinana F'way, Roe H'way and Manning
Canning ValeView Map54via Jandakot Rd Riverton Bridge DaphneS
Canning ValeView Map48via Murdoch and Willetton DaphneS 15th Jul 15
Canning ValeView Map55via Kwinana Freeway and Thornlie DaphneS 7th Dec 2015
Cockburn CentralView Map44via Willetton and Kwinana F'way
Cockburn CentralView Map51via Wandi and Kwinana F'way
Cockburn CentralView Map51via Willetton and Bibra Lake
Cockburn CentralView Map52via Willetton, Liddeow Rd, Wandi and Kwinana Freeway CamB
Cockburn CentralView Map67via Waterford, Roe Highway and Russell Rd SteveN
Cockburn CentralView Map68via Piara Waters and Yangebup Lake SteveN
CoogeeView Map53via Yangabup Lake and Fremantle and Bicton LenW
CoogeeView Map54via Bibra Lake and Fremantle
CoogeeView Map46via Bibra Lake and Bicton
CoogeeView Map60via Beeliar Regional Park and Bicton DaphneS
CoogeeView Map60via Russell Road and Bicton TrevorR
CoogeeView Map71via Canning Vale and Fremantle SteveN
FremantleView Map45via Bibra Lake and Bicton
FremantleView Map56via Kwinana F'way and Subiaco
FremantleView Map67via Willetton, Bibra Lake and Karrakatta
FremantleView Map56via Windan Bridge and Claremont and Bicton. N.Else
FremantleView Map47via Cockburn Central and Bicton
FremantleView Map64via Subiaco and Murdoch University LyleB
FremantleView Map65via Kwinana F'way, Bibra Lake and Cottesloe
Golden PondsView Map85Outward via Russell, Lyon, Cummings and Banksia Rds to Mundijong Rd and return via Fwy - PeterD
GosnellsView Map55via Roe Highway and Thornlie DaphneS
GosnellsView Map57via Parkwood, Huntingdale and Kent St Weir
GosnellsView Map64via Treeby and Riverton
GuilfordView Map66via Forrestfield and Maylands SteveN
JandakotView Map34via Bibra Lake and Bull Creek
KelmscottView Map76via Armadale and Churchman's Brook and Thornlie RobW
Kings ParkView Map64via Northbridge and Bicton - Zamia Café in Kings Park CamB
KwinanaView Map78via South Fremantle and Kwinana Freeway
KwinanaView Map68via Bibra Lake, Lake Coogee and Kwinana F'way CamB
MaddingtonView Map60via Roe Highway, Crystal Brook Rd and Rossmoyne DaphneS
MaylandsView Map62via Roe H'way and South Perth
MaylandsView Map66via Riverton and Tonkin Highway and East Perth DaphneS
Maylands (via Airport)View Map61via Tomato Lake, Airport and Riverton Bridge CamB
MaylandsView Map63via Cannington and Garrett Rd Bridge and Maylands Foreshore CamB
NorthbridgeView Map51via Kent St Weir and King's Park
NorthbridgeView Map58via Kent St Weir and King's Park CamB
NorthbridgeView Map69via Roe H'way and Claremont KevinD
NorthbridgeView Map59via Roe Highway and Subiaco DaphneS
Pt WalterView Map24via Applecross
RockinghamView Map88via Jandakot and Medina
RockinghamView Map85via Kwinana F'way and Coobelup
RockinghamView Map87via Bibra Lake and Lake Cooggee and Kwinana F'way CamB
SubiacoView Map50via Ardross Foreshore, Mt Claremont and Kwinan F'way
SubiacoView Map64via Cannington, Maylands and Shenton Park SteveN
Victoria ParkView Map48via Roe H'way and South Perth Foreshore
West SwanView Map64via Ascot and Maylands (Yahava Cafe included) DaphneS