Group Rides – Not Permitted

This email has been received from Westcycle:

Hi Clubs and Member Organisations,

On Tuesday I outlined WestCycle’s ‘advice’ was for group/bunch rides to be canceled whilst riding solo or in small groups of 2 or 3 could continue. This guidance has been updated on the basis that the Public Health Act for WA has been amended meaning there are legal implications (not to mention the moral ones) if people do not follow these guidelines.

“No group or organised ride of any size should take place, any planned group ride must immediately be canceled and no individual should participate in any form of organised group ride”

This guidance is for group riding only at this stage, there is no reason why individuals can not continue to ride, particularly as a form of transport.

More details can be found via the attached link. Clause 7(e) being the specific one that references cycling. Fines can now be issued for those not complying with this change.

Tough times! I hope everyone is hanging in there.