New Members

New Member Information

New members are always welcome to join the Over 55 Cycling Club. Simply attend one of our rides on a Monday, Wednesday or Saturday morning. You will find information about the ride on the home page and it is strongly recommended that you email the Ride Captain prior to your first ride. The club's Prospective Members' Flyer is available View" data-brz-link-type="external">here.

The Club does not allow the use of e-bikes (electrically assisted/powered bicycles) on club rides unless there is a specific (typically medical) reason why a normal bicycle cannot be ridden. Applicants wishing to ride an e-bike must apply to do so and their request will be considered by the designated club officers. For more information see Club by-law 1.5.

Please note that the ride leader has the discretion to alter the route and distance of a ride.

Before your first ride - please do the following:

  1. Download and complete the Non-Member Waiver Form.
  2. Arrive at the start venue 20 minutes before the designated start time and give the completed indemnity form to either the Ride Captain or Membership Officer.
  3. The Ride Captain will brief you about the ride.


  • All riders must wear an approved cycling helmet that is in good condition, fits the riders head and is secured when riding.
  • Sufficient drinking water and small first aid items to be carried.
  • Enclosed shoes, boots or cycling specific sandals must be worn. Bare feet, thongs or strapless sandals are dangerous.
  • Radios, earphones, mobile phones or any device, which interferes with hearing, sight, or control of the bicycle, must not be operated while riding.
  • Riders are requested to carry an operational spare tube to suit the bike, tyre levers and a pump.


The annual membership subscription fee is $50.00. The new member fee is $155 which comprises a nomination fee ($15), annual subscription ($50), a club jersey ($70) and a rear view mirror ($20). A club badge, whistle and lanyard are provided to all new members. If you already have and use a mirror, the new member fee is $135.

The annual social membership fee is $20. Social memberships are available to persons who are not active participants in the Club’s rides.

New potential members may participate in three rides before they are required to pay the new member fee.


Applying for Membership

  • You will be required to confirm that you are over 55.
  • You will be required to provide your residential and email addresses, your telephone numbers and contact details for two of your friends or relations that we should contact in case you are involved in an accident or have a sudden illness.
  • If you join on or after Nov 1st then your membership will run until the end of the following year.

Please complete this application form and make a bank transfer of the New Member Fees as detailed above.