Ride Leaders and Tail Enders : Club Heroes

The success of our club is in no small way attributable to our volunteer Ride Leaders and Tail Enders.

You know them: they are the ones out the front, safely guiding us through the suburbs to our destination cafe, and then they bring us back home.  And at the other end, we are quietly shepherded along by the Tail Enders, keeping us together, encouraging us when we feel flogged, and helping us when we need it.

Heroes indeed.

We need more leaders and more tail enders, so the load can be shared and the existing heroes can have a holiday, or a break, or even just a sleep in.

To this end, we are going to have a half day workshop (in September) for all the keen would-be heroes.  In the meantime, if this is something you might like to do, please have a chat with your group leader / tail ender.  Find out what’s involved, and have a good think about how you could get involved.  The club needs more heroes!