L23ApplecrossView Map48via Cottesloe and Fremantle
2b_c/ 28E12345City BeachView Map55vai Lake Monger and Claremont
E23CoogeeView Map66via Bibra Lake and Dalkeith
FremantleView Map78via Kwinana F'way, Bibra Lake and Claremont
1_2a/ 27E123FremantleView Map55via Applecross and Claremont
L1MalagaView Map50via Lake Monger and Alexander Drive
Late 2b_c/52L1MalagaView Map51via Lake Mirrabooka
3abc/ 27L23Mt PleasantView Map51via East Perth and Burswood
3abc/ 96L23PeninsularGolfCourseView Map42via East Perth, Maylands and South Perth
4_5/ 23L4Sth PerthView Map31via Kings Park and South Perth
4_5/ 23L5Sth PerthView Map29via Burswood and South Perth BP
L4Sth PerthView Map35via Narrows Bridge and Salter Point KeithT
3abc/ 80L1WatermanView Map51via Claremont and Floreat