Anniebrook Flower FarmView Map33via Quindalup Siding Rd and Chain Ave
Anniebrook Flower FarmView Map49via Busselton Highway bike path and Vasse-Yallingup-Siding Rd
Bohemian Brew Cafe, VasseView Map35via Chain Ave and Wilderness Rd
CapelView Map82via coast path and Layman Rd and Tuart Forest
Cape Lavender Tea HouseView Map51
CowaramupView Map77Return via Puzey Rd and Abbey Farm Rd
DunsboroughView Map31via coastal path
DunsboroughView Map39via coastal path and Mewett Rd
Eagle BayView Map48
Gabriel Chocolate, YallingupView Map62via Vasse-Yallingup-Siding Rd and Dunsborough
Goanna GalleryView Map38via Commonage Rd and Vasse-Yallingup-Siding Rd
Goanna GalleryView Map45via Wildwood Rd and Commonage Rd and Hayes Rd
Goanna GalleryView Map63via Busselton Highway cycle path and Wildwood Rd and Hayes Rd
Margaret RiverView Map102Shortest route
Millers Ice CreameryView Map79Shorest route - same there and return
Millers Ice CreameryView Map85Return via Puzey Rd and Abbey Farm Rd
Petra Olive Oil EstateView Map45via Hayes Rd and Sheaoak Drive and Biddle Rd
Port Geographe MarinaView Map34To 'The Deck Café
Sensations, GeographeView Map29via coast path
Simmos Ice CreameryView Map31via coastal path
Simmos Ice CreameryView Map34via Mewett Rd and coastal path
Simmos Ice CreameryView Map56via Vasse-Yallingup-Siding Rd
Smiths BeachView Map55To 'Lamont's Restaurant'
YallingupView Map56via Wilderness Rd and coastal path
YallingupView Map63via Wliderness Rd, Commonage Rd and Hayes Rd
Cowaramp to Margaret River Rail TrailView Map15MTB and Hybrid Bikes - one way
Margaret River Rail Trail with LoopView Map45MTB and Hybrid Bikes - return trip