2b_cE4BurnsbeachView Map63via West Coast Drive and Mitchell Freeway
2b_c/ 35SE4BurnsbeachView Map71via West Coast Drive and Carine
2b_c/ 35LE4BurnsbeachView Map82via West Coast Driveand Mindarie and Carine
E3BurnsbeachView Map67via Joondalup and Mitchell Freeway CamB Nov 2015
E3BurnsbeachView Map66via Scarborough and Mitchell Freeway CamB
1_2a/39E123JoondalupView Map75via Burns Beach and Kingsley
2b_c/ 46E5KingswayView Map51via Alexander Heights and Mitchell F'way
3abc/ 71L1Keanes PointView Map38via Floreat and Dalkeith
3abc/ 41SL23BelmontView Map38via Tomato Lake and Maylands
3abc/ 41LL23BelmontView Map41via Tomato Lake and Maylands
3abc/ 39L3Challenge StadiumView Map34via Claremont and Floreat
4_5/ 32L4CarineView Map29via Lake Gwelup and Mitchell F'way
4_5/ 35L5ShentonParkView Map27via UWA and Subiaco